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Observer Associate Charter

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:52 pm
by admin
Observer Associate Charter


The purpose of the Charter is to make clear the definition of what is expected in the Observer / Associate relationship.

The Observers

Have made the effort to train, not only for the IAM test but have taken part in extensive Observer training to become Observers for the Group. They are a valuable asset to the Group and give of their time freely, except for a small contribution from the Associates for their expenses. Observers attend regular refresher training sessions with Senior Observers, support Theory Nights and Riding Dexterity days.

The Associates

    Image Are expected to have an equal commitment, with the goal being the IAM test.

    Image Are to be available for regular Observed Rides, ideally every two weeks, with at least 100 practice miles being covered in that period. Continuity cannot be maintained with regular gaps of three weeks or more, or no miles between observed rides.

    Image Must agree the dates of the next run at the debriefing and must practice any improvement recommendations between the runs.

    Image Will where possible attend a Motorcycle Dexterity & Control Day to improve their slow speed manoeuvring and control.

    Image Must make an effort to study the theory by reading the ‘Advanced Rider Course Book’ and the Highway Code, plus attend club Theory Nights when possible.

    Image Cancellation of a planned run due to poor weather conditions will be at the discretion of the Observer. If after a period of one month, an Observer has not heard from the Associate it will be assumed that interest has been lost and the Associate will be placed back at the bottom of the waiting list.

    Image When the Observer feels the Associate is riding consistently at the test standard a Cross Check will be arranged with a Senior Observer.

    Image The Observer will give as much help and encouragement as possible but the onus is on the associate to endeavour.